Certainly finding the best hostel to stay in for a couple of days can somehow be challenging. If you want to stay somewhere that feels like your own home during your trip, it is better to choose between the best hostels available. With that in mind, hostel is somewhere more than an accommodation. Actually, a hostel is a combination of an equipped place of stay with a friendlier atmosphere. This being said, here is our advice on what to consider when you are looking for a hostel:


Usually the first thing that travelers do to choose the best Iranian b&b is searching for information about the places online. Most of the Iranian b&b services (including Narcis b&b) have an Instagram account or a profile on TripAdvisor. Therefore, you can easily pinpoint the pros and cons of the Iranian b&bs throughout the comments and also get information about the services that they can provide.
You can also try searching hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find out about the experiences of the tourists who have already tried the b&b in Iran.

Small Hostels

If you are the type of traveler who wants to get close to the culture of a land and the experience of being a real citizen, or even if you simply don’t feel easy spending lots of money on hotels, small hostels and b&bs are for you. Different hostels and b&bs are present and ready for service throughout Iran.
Iranian b&bs and hostels give you the pleasure of living the life of an Iranian by taking you close to the lifestyle, habits and customs of Iranian people.
Narcis b&b provide you with the experiences of cooking Iranian dishes, doing Iranian dance forms, making Iranian handicrafts, and much more gathered in an Iranian b&b that can help you enjoy your stay to the most.

Location in the city

The location of the b&b might be very important. You might want to consider how close the b&b is to the landmarks and attractions of the city. Is it possible to walk from the b&b to the landmarks or markets? Are means of transportation such as a subway or bus station available near the Iranian b&b?
Based on your taste or goal of travel the location of the Iranian b&b might become important to you as well. For example, if you want to go and wander in the city, you might want to consider a b&b which is inside the city’s territory. But if you are the kind who prefers to sit back and relax, a b&b which is placed outside of the city might be more suitable.
Located in the city center, Narcis b&b is in walking distance from the historic heart of Isfahan. So you can feel Isfahan’s cultural atmosphere and walk to visit more attractions any time you want.


When staying in a Iranian b&b, because of the small overall size of the b&b, you will get more personal attention and your host will provide you with lots of comfort and lots of services planed just for you. Unlike a hotel, you can easily get friendly connections with your host and fellow travelers due to the b&bs small size. This is for the reason of having a friendlier atmosphere for your stay which leads to your having a good experience of the culture. Also keep in mind that the interior design of an Iranian b&b is totally unique in a manner that you can see different types of rooms in one Iranian b&b. Some of the b&bs even give you the privilege of seeing and choosing your room yourself.
It is worth mentioning that if you are staying in an Iranian b&b with other travelers, try to get into contact with them. This is for the reason of having a friendlier atmosphere for your stay which leads to your having a good experience of the culture.

Check-in & Check-out times

Depending on the type of your voyage, your plane ticket, the distance from the airport to the b&b, etc. the check in and check out times of the b&b might become important to you. Thus you should see how flexible the timing of checking in and checking out is in the Iranian b&bs. The more flexible the time schedule of the b&b is, the bigger the window of time for your plans would be.
As a tip, try to understand how flexible your b&b’s host really is in these matters by getting to know your host more. Also, keep your host’s phone number always with you in case of sudden plan changes or emergencies.
If you want to reserve a room in Narcis b&b, you wouldn’t need to worry about your flight getting delayed or not being able to find a taxi in time to reach the b&b. Therefore, you would have to endure much less stress and be able to enjoy your trip much more.

Free breakfast

Don’t forget about the second “b” in b&b. As offered by the name, you will get a free breakfast each day of your stay. Depending on the b&b you choose, the size and the quality of the breakfast would change. In an Iranian b&b specially, you could get the experience of having a colorful and nutritious Iranian breakfast. You might be able to get detailed information about the breakfasts listed in the descriptions of your Iranian b&b. You can also get info about the quality of the breakfast by referring to the reviews on the Iranian b&b that you have chosen.



Are you the type of traveler who likes to cook on vacations? Then you might want to take a closer look at the kitchen facilities and limitations in the Iranian b&b of your choice. This is due to the (rather surprising for a lot of travelers) fact that there are many b&b services that neither allow cooking in the kitchen nor any other kind of activities which are usually done in the kitchen. Thus, if you are the kind who prefers cooking while on a vacation, then you would have to make sure that your b&b service would allow you to do so.
There are also the other kind of b&bs which provide you with a kitchen fully utilized with the utensils needed for cooking. Note that if you are a vegetarian, vegan food is very hard to find in Iranian restaurants; so make sure that the Iranian b&b you have selected has a kitchen available or not.
Narcis b&b provide you a shared kitchen and help you cook your favorite meals. Also if one of you is to cook Iranian local foods, Narcis there to help you! By delivering fresh ingredients and local traditional recipes that you need to make Iranian food. So, please be patient and make the most!

Internet connection

Nowadays, everything in our daily life depends closely to Internet. Therefore, having Internet connection even while traveling is of most importance to many tourist, including the ones who are looking forward to staying in an Iranian b&b. For those who move their works around with them even in trips, checking whether or not the Iranian b&b provides quality Internet connection is very important. It is good to mention that day by day more Iranian b&b services are providing high quality internet for their travelers.
If you are planning to stay in a b&b and need some reliable WiFi, You need to make sure it is providing high quality internet for you. So you can easily check your Social Medias and share your memorable pictures with your friends.

Organized activities

Alongside the usual and normal b&b hostel duties, some of the Iranian b&bs also provide some organized activities for their travelers to make them enjoy their stay much more. These organized activities are usually closely related to the city’s costumes and traditions. These activities can help the tourists get a much closer glance at the reality of the society and gain a lot of experience with the culture and Iranian traditions from within the society.
Narcis b&b provides a lot of culture based activities including doing traditional dance and playing traditional music, making and tasting traditional food, making traditional handicrafts and much more. These activities are usually done in the groups of tourists that are staying in the b&b and using the other b&b services as well.

Safety box

Similar to a lot of hotels, Some Iranian b&bs provide you with a small safety box or a safe. If you travel with expensive jewelry or if you carry some valuable object with yourself while traveling, these boxes can come in very handy.

Common area

The common area of a hotel is the place that the travelers can sit, have a drink, read a book and make small talks with other people. Yet because of the small size of b&bs, the common area in an Iranian b&b is used mostly for the fellow tourists staying in the b&b to make connections and strengthen them by getting to know each other more. You can get to know your host family more as well. Also the common area is the place that most of the organized activities take place. Based on your personality, you might find yourself comfortable in different types of common rooms; big or small. The leisure comfort utilities such as a library, a comfortable place to sit, etc. might also affect your decision of an Iranian b&b.

Bathroom and swimming pool

Based on the size of the Iranian b&b, the types of bathrooms can be different. In the bigger b&bs each room might have a bathroom inside the room or outside of it. But in smaller Iranian b&bs, there might be a shared bathroom with different rooms or a bigger common bathroom. If you are a conservative person in such manners it is better to take this problem straight ahead and choose an Iranian b&b which has a separate bathroom for each room (which is not going to be easy to find).
Due to the nature of a b&b, it might be hard to find an Iranian b&b that has a proper swimming pool, considering having one at all. Because of the Iranian culture and houses, having pools in the house is not something frequent.


Unlike a hotel, in an Iranian b&b due to the small size of the house there might only be a few rooms; and the rooms might differ in shape and size. If you are traveling with a group of friends or family, you might want to check out the number of the rooms available. The services provided in the Iranian b&b rooms are different from one b&b to another based on the level of comfort utilities they would provide. In special Iranian b&bs, some rooms might have a view toward the nature (for out of the city b&bs) or towards a special landmark and historical sight (for inside the city b&bs). If you are the “stay in your room and enjoy your time” kind of person, the view of your room might interest you.


The payment method for Iranian b&bs is mostly in cash. Still, because of the difficulties in transferring and exchanging money in Iran, there are some Iranian b&bs (such as Narcis b&b) that accept money by transferring through the portal of PayPal or other online money transferring web services.


Similar to a hotel, the final price to be payed is summed up based on the number of nights you stay in the Iranian b&b. The price depends directly to all of the matters that are mentioned above, mostly depending on the level of services provided, the activities planned, the location in the city and the facilities offered.
So the fancier you chose your b&b to stay, the higher the price per each night.

The host and the staff

Based on the nature of an Iranian b&b, your host is going to be a local person or a family. This makes the experience of the journey much more unique by letting you directly get in touch with a real local family and see and touch and experience the joy of Iranian culture and life style. Your host will be your first and most important local friend during your stay. Your host is the primary go to person if you run into any problems or difficulties or simply if you have a question. Your host can help you get around the city and go to places you want to visit. Your host can also sometimes serve as your personal tour guide. So it is very important to get to know your host and connect to them as soon as possible. So chose your host wisely for it will impact your whole experience of the journey.
Your connection with the other members of the host family can be important as well. The more connections you make, the more you can fit into the society and feel really being a part of it.

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