Isfahan Midnight Tour

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2.5 Hours


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Isfahan | 1:00 a.m


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Isfahan | 3:30 a.m


Visiting the city of grand monuments is joyful by itself but what about enjoying these historical heritages at a time when almost every body in this city is having a dream ? Maybe it’s a kind of dream for tourists who are going to visit the most eye-catching places of Isfahan. The one which can not be forgotten easy and soon. Visiting the grand square (Naghshe Jahan) and imagining that in Safavid period(1605 ) thousand of lights were used to lighten the whole square and telling some delightful stories about that time will surely make you satisfied. The most beautiful bridges of isfahan , Allah verdi khan and Khajo bridge, are fascinating at nights with their lovely illumination. At last there are some ancient streets that are trees and walking through them is walking through the history indeed.

Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran

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