Bazoft Zagros Tour (2 Days)

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2 Days

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In the heart of Zagros mountains, the Bazoft district is a hidden treasure located just 4 hours away from Isfahan and on the road to Khuzestan (Shushtar, Susa, Dezful). Bazoft is the summer quarter of many Bakhtiari nomads. Be witness of one of the last tribes in the world that practices nomad pastoralism. Stay at a Bakhtiari family, taste their organic dairy products and overnight under the tent to experience authentic way of life.

Day 1 (4-6 hours walk)

6am: Pickup at the hotel (optional with extra fee: from 15 to 30eur)
10am: Arrival in Bazoft at the guesthouse. Breakfast. Prepare material for the hike
12am: Departure for the hike
2pm: Break and lunch in the mountains
4pm: Continue the hike
7pm: Arrival at the nomad family. Diner and overnight at the family under a traditional tent

Day 2 (6-8 hours walk)

7am: Breakfast with the family
9am: Leave the camp and continue the hike
1pm: Break and lunch in the mountains
2pm: Continue the hike and back to the guesthouse
5pm: Arrival at the guesthouse. Prepare bags. Early diner
6pm: Leave for Isfahan (optional with extra fee: from 15 to 30eur)

Food (2x breakfasts, 2x lunches, 2x dinners)
Contribution to the nomad family

From late April to late October (with Nomads)

From March to December (camping tent)

  • Bazoft, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran

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