Narcis Info and Services

Free Pickup

No matter whether you arrive by train, bus or plane at Isfahan, We will pick you up for free. Just let us know the arrival time and location and leave the rest to us.

Just FYI

  • From Airport: Only option is airport taxi.
  • From Kaveh bus terminal: Head to Imam Hossein Sq. by public taxi/bus then take another to Neshat St.
  • From Sofe(south) bus terminal: Head to Azadi Sq. by public taxi/bus then to Bozorgmehr Sq. and then to Neshat St.

Yummy Breakfast at Narcis’s

Breakfast is served every morning at Narcis. You can enjoy delicious local food for breakfast within your stay at Narcis.

The local breakfast is served with a lot of love and varies from day to day.

Free Breakfast Included for all Guests.

Free Isfahan City Tours

In Isfahan tour we will show you touristic sites and also some hidden gems. And we share some stories about Isfahan and interesting information.

Get Your 4G SIM Card

  1. Select Data Package and fill the form
  2. Specify NarcisB&B as the place you want to get your SIM
  3. Activated SIM will be delivered to you in short time

Order Online Taxi

You can always count on Narcis, just let us now and we will take care of it. Or if you like to experience local online service you can use one of these apps on your phone:

Use online taxi:

  • Install Online Taxi App via Provided Links
  • Select English Language
  • Choose your Origin and Destination on the Map
  • You can designate your taxi by License Plate or use language guide for Car/Color names in Persian

Got Problem with Cash?

If you face difficulty exchanging money or finding good exchange rate, you can always exchange your money in reasonable rate to Iran Rial at Narcis.

Also if you don’t want to carry cash you can take a prepaid card.

Iran Currency (Rial vs. Toman)

There are two kinds of currencies in Iran. The official currency in Iran is Rial (IRR) but people use the Toman in every day transactions. Rial has one more zero compared with Toman (1000Rial=100Toman).

Make Sure You Bring Enough Cash!

Iran has an easy and efficient money transfer system within itself but there’s no easy access to international banking system. So don’t count on your credit/debit card.

10,000 Toman (100,000 Rial)

10,000 Toman (100,000 Rial)

Wonder What to Wear & More Questions?

Iran as an Islamic country has specific outdoor dress code for both men and women. Some includes covering heads and body parts for women.

Get Inked by Persian Henna Tattoo

If you are looking for some temporary body art, Henna is an incredible option for you.

Persian Night with Narcis

Narcis group invites you to an Iranian party at night, experiencing the pleasures of serving local foods and drinks (four types of food will be served and one is going to be presented), learning about some of Persian art, Iranian warm company, listening to their music and watching Persian dance in local clothes, ultimately, multiplying the joy of being together within an Iranian party. In this tour, we would provide the opportunity to take a close look at the lifestyle of the old, rich culture of races of Iran. Also, we would be pleased to prepare a show.
*Note: If you have a certain or important condition, such as eating habits, e.g. being a vegetarian, please make sure to let us know while booking us so we can arrange the best for you.

Get Your Visa Authorization Code in Advance

  1. Fill out the online visa application form.
  2. Wait for the application receipt confirmation and application fee payment instructions.
  3. Pay the service fee. (€20)
  4. You will receive the visa authorization code after the application is processed.
  5. Refer to the Iranian consulate you have selected and collect your visa.